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Best Fitness Equipment Wholesaler

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Best Gym Equipment Wholesaler

We are the best Fitness Equipment Wholesaler in India. In our journey of success since a decade, we have set up large number of premium fitness centers across PAN India. Our specialty is delivering the most advanced gym equipment with our USP being After Sales Service which is credited to our professionally dedicated and experienced team in place.

Best Fitness Equipment Wholesaler in Bangalore, India.


We offer top quality fitness equipment at competitive prices so you can create an attractive environment for your clients while keeping costs down for your business. Our fitness machines will help attract new members by giving them a better experience than they would get elsewhere, which will keep them coming back time after time!

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Why Choose MTF Fitness?

as your Fitness Equipment Wholesaler

Most commercial gyms have the same old equipment that they bought years ago. The machines are uncomfortable, hard to use and don’t offer much variety.

That’s why we created MTF Fitness because we wanted a better gym experience for ourselves. We knew there had to be other people out there who were looking for more comfortable workout gear as well. That’s why we started MTF Fitness – so you can have your own high-quality fitness equipment at home or in your gym without paying too much money for it!

Commercial Fitness Equipment Wholesaler

If you’re like us, then you want something different from what everyone else has been using all these years. You want something that actually feels good when you work out on it – not just some machine with a bunch of dials and levers that makes working out feel like hard work itself! That’s why we’ve designed our products with comfort in mind, so that when you use them, they make your workout easier instead of harder!

MTF Fitness is a leading supplier of commercial gym equipment in India. We provide world-class fitness products and services that have been designed to fulfill the requirements of both professionals and amateurs looking for high-quality workout solutions. Our company’s mission is to help people lead healthy lives by providing quality, durable, and affordable fitness equipment at an accessible price point.

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